Got Duhkha?

What is this?  This Sanskrit word translates to “suffering”    “pain”   ” restriction” 

This is NOT  a “physical”  pain or  restriction.  It is a mental restriction.

Duhkha works on our minds.  It a quality of mind that gives us a feeling of being “restricted” Its where we experience a limitation, a “squeezing” so to speak…

It is not physical pain, yet it can be a mental suffering  associated with illness.

It could manifest as anxiety or stress… of trying to hold onto things –  especially things that are constantly changing (thoughts, emotions, anyone?) 

It can be a basic feeling of unsatisfactoriness towards our life –  and it pervades all Humans because all forms of life are constantly changing…  Nature is always in a state of flux…

Suffering begins in our minds…   

It starts in our minds my friends!

Maybe due to almost 90,000 thoughts/ day that we have?

There is both happiness and sorrow in the world…  neither are permanent because they both are subject to change.

W all have  Duhkha …    we all experience mental suffering..

How are you handling your Duhkha ? 

How about a quick yoga stretch?   20 minutes a day helps reduce physical and mental restrictions!

This video (1/2 lecture and 1/2 yoga stretches) was made due to my frustrations of constant negativity that I see on Social Media….

This video was spur of the moment as I need a quick stretch to handle MY Duhkha…

Peace out Peeps. Try to find your Center….