No Fancy Title….Just some thoughts

An old friend recently commented about how I have changed physically & spiritually. Well, I am not sure about the physical, except maybe a bit older and a bit heavier with age ?   LOL

 The spiritual ?  Yes,  definitely !  And you know what?    I could say it was because of him.

 Not my spirituality,  but our situation led to me to my  first Yoga class.  

And that first class set me on a different path…

The first step has to be awareness.   It’s a deeper level of understanding.  And when I made a connection  to this awareness, this deeper part  of me – my higher  Self – I changed. 

My spirituality has been a 13 year journey.  It still is a journey.    Its daily (sometimes hour by hour), it’s  weekly,  it’s monthly, and it can be a battle,  that’s for sure…  It’s not easy to look at yourself… to truly look at yourself with all the baggage,  emotions,  negative experiences that come up… (more on this in a Meditation Blog)

For now, since it’s the time of year for Holiday celebrations, I would like to share Russell Brand’s quick video on Spirituality… You  might not understand some of it, but do understand that it doesn’t matter if we are Catholic, Christian, Jewish or a student of the Vedas & Indian Philosophy….We are all ONE.

In these last few days of the year,  look beyond any fear of religion.  Go past the desire of commercialism, and try to find something deeper. And try to find it in yourself.

 Then strengthen your connection to that deeper part of you, not just once, but  every day.   If you do, your life will change.    Just as mine did ….

Peace out Peeps and keep it fresh!