Svadhyaya Sundays. Lets just start with one day

This weekend I was submerged in Yoga.  Saturday I was  a student in my Yoga Therapy course, then  Sunday I was teaching Yoga and its wisdom to my own trainee class.   In the evenings, I was so content sitting down  to watch  NFL Wild Card weekend. 

 What  a great weekend of football it was!   Close scores  with talented teams doing their BEST to win.  I like  the Patriots and the Eagles.  ( I know – odd, right? )   Both teams  lost.  I allowed  myself  an “aw man”,  and then a good game!   Good games played by all teams,  and then I moved on….

 A few moments  of the Golden Globes… then I logged on to Facebook.    In my feed was a lot of negativity towards the Patriots that comes around every time this year…  I do chuckle at some,  as  most of  the GIF’s are funny and harmless.   but what shocked my eyes (and my brain) this time were the  words :

 ” I hate the Patriots”      ” I hate Tom Brady”     “Tom Brady acting like a bitch” 

Wow, just wow. …  

Now, don’t mistake me, this is not a blog trying defend the Patriots, or Tom Brady.  This is about  hate of another human being…. And then putting your hate  and/or disdain onto social media., especially when you are of an age that did not grow up on social media..

 I just came off a weekend of teaching about Human Morality and Self Study, helping others to find their center, so to speak….so I feel a need to share a few things. The Yoga Sutras describe the inner workings of the mind, providing  us with an eight-step outline to control the mind’s restlessness.  The first two steps are the Yamas and Niyamas.  

Five Yamas Universal morality.  Attitudes & Behaviors we that have towards others.  

Five  Niyamas  – Personal Observances.   How we relate to ourselves inwardly.   

  I will only mention a few and very  briefly:

Satya – truthfulness of speech, thoughts, words. Yes, speak the truth, yet it is not needed to speak truth if it could harm someone unnecessarily.  

Ahimsa kindness. Avoidance of harming others, not only by deeds, but also by words and in thoughts

Svadhyaya  –  Self Study.   Study yourself in all activities including interactions with others.  Find self-awareness in all of your actions & efforts.   Transcend your Ego Self and cultivate the light within.

I have an 18 year old in my yoga training class.   After my lecture on Yamas & Niyamas,  she is shaking her head and says, “wow, I really do not see kids my age following this,  or even having an understanding of self study, compassion,  and truthfulness, especially when it comes to social media ”    

Hmmmm, I wonder why…..

Take note,  there is  generation growing up on social media and they read your words, folks.  They read your words of hate and negativity.    Hate is a pretty intense emotion. … and hate of another human being (s) over football is just absurd.

 As Adults (or even just as a decent human being)  aren’t  we supposed to teach the  younger generation a certain standard of behavior as to what is right or wrong, what is acceptable or not,  for them to do ?    

Listen,  I am not perfect.  I fall from Grace.   It is why I practice Svadhyaya, on a daily basis. It’s why I choose to teach these concepts to others…

 If you post any hate comments  on any social media,  I ask you to think about Sayta  and  then to really focus on Svadhyaya.   Look at yourself.   Why do you feel a need to put any hate comments  on Social Media ?   (Lets’ just go with the football for now, because boy oh boy I could go into political posts !)   What do hate comments say about you?   Please look at yourself and your action.   And please subscribe to my blog to receive more insights on the wisdom of yoga and help in finding your Light… Hate is never a good thing…

I will leave you with the quote below. It’s really quite simply and I hope you all take heed.

Hey, If you see a chance to be kind to someone tomorrow, take it. I think we need it

–  Brad Pitt’s last 20 seconds of Golden Globe acceptance speech last nigh

Perhaps you can even put it into action, especially on social media….Lets just start with one day…..

Peace, my peep, Peace.

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