Allow a Birth to happen

Like I said this morning, yes, I go to church.   For some reason it shocks  a lot of people   I am not really sure why ?  

What  I am sure of is that my study of yoga philosophy helps me to understand Catholicism on a deeper level.. Shocker, huh? 

  (More on all this in my weekly Sunday Posts)

Today I want to focus on Advent –   Advent is a time of preparation  and yes, we are preparing for the birth of Jesus .  Are we waiting for  an actual baby to come?  No. The birth is in our hearts.  A birth to be good, to do good, to be of service (karma yoga anyone? ) and help others, and so on…. Furthermore, its a birth of our internal spirit, a birth to keep our inner light shining.

Who out there doesn’t feel a little unsettled at times?    

Who out there is looking for something more?    A connection to something or someone?  Perhaps a deeper connection to yourself ? 

We are all searching .  We put up lights this time of year.  we love to drive around and look at the lights. I know I do., but why?     Well, light fills the darkness.   In light, we find safety.  In light, we  find peace.   Maybe even some faith, hope and love….

As the Priest said this morning, Christmas is a time to  “Let Christ be born into your hearts”.   I say to you,  “Let Light be born into your hearts”  If you are out shopping for gifts, visiting Christmas displays  or going to Holiday Shows, you are  allowing the spirit of the season unto you. You just might be searching for your inner light.

Our light  should shine forth every day!  To me, that baby in the manager represents  Love…  He represents the love deep inside of our Being, that we need to be connected to daily. But it’s tough. Life is tough, right ? Some days its hard to shine, its hard to be a karma yogi (exhibiting selfless service)

So if your light is more of a flicker, then allow a birth to happen ..  In the next few days, take time to find your Inner Light…  Call forth what is truly the best in you and take time to honor what is the best in others…  Allow the Spirit of the season to shine forth….Smile at  a stranger, say a kind word, send an e-mail of gratitude….

” Let Light be born into your hearts”

More important, allow the birth to happen every day. Make the Connection…. to yourself and to others….

Peace this Holiday Season, my friends, Peace….

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