200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Self Awareness Program… Foundation for Authentic Yoga

“To live the live you want, sometimes it requires deep change”  ` B. Page

Be Yoga Fresh’s 200 hour teacher training is a unique experience designed to guide you  becoming a dynamic, passionate individual and  teacher!    Encompassing a variety of yogic traditions, BYF’s  Hatha yoga speaks to all body types and all levels of practice. It carefully respects your physical and emotional limitations while gently guiding you to your edges.


This course is not about just becoming a yoga teacher. It is about deep personal change that can lead you toward greater contentment…with yourself, and those around you. From the very first weekend, you will begin to open, expand your awareness and evolve…

Studies include asanas, techniques training,  principles of posture,  teaching methodology, how to effectively teach beginners & intermediate practitioners,  basic anatomy & physiology, Yoga History & Philosophy, pranayama,  chakras,  chanting, meditation,  lifestyle & ethics for yoga teachers.  

What will I learn?

  •  You will explore 80 + yoga asanas  & lines of energy, as you travel around your own practice and edges 
  • You will be taught how to modify postures  for both beginners and intermediate students
  • You will learn the proper alignment, observation techniques, methodology, and techniques for teaching
  • You will investigate anatomy, how to read your students posture & discover the systems of the Human Body
  • You will learn to teach with Authenticity and Passion, and find your own voice. 
  • You will learn how to integrate a variety of yogic styles
  • You will travel thru your chakra system and discover the science of your breath 
  • You will open yourself up to meditation, mantras, mudras,  mindfulness, self-reflection, self-acceptance, and how to integrate body, mind, and spirit
  • You will study Yoga Lineage,  the Yoga Sutras and dive into the Bhagavad Gita
  • You will practice living and teaching from a space of compassion and integrity while establishing a strong foundation in an intelligent yoga practice
  • You will have a life changing experience and find your Authentic Self
  • You will make lifelong friends as you begin a transformational journey that will continue unfolding for the rest of your life!

Who Will Benefit from this Training?

  • Any aspiring teacher who would like to complete a 200 hour certified teacher training.
  • Any student of yoga  who would like to deepen their practice.
  • Anyone looking to learn more about yoga and its benefits, philosophies, etc.

No specific prior yoga training is required; however, we suggest a minimum of 6 mos. to 1 year committed practice prior to our training.

*** We only accept 8 students per training to ensure each trainee is getting the most quality time, feedback, one – on – one with the instructor.   Learning is enhanced this way, which equals better results, and we create a community that can connect more closely.  Inquire Within, then contact us today for our Application.

Testimonials Provided. Check us out at YA and e-mail us: Be Yoga Fresh@gmail.com

Amy definitely created a unique experience that gave me the desire to become a passionate yoga teacher. I learned so much more than I even expected by attending the Be Yoga Fresh YTT. My spiritual growth is what surprised me the most. In this class I learned the practice of really living and being in the moment just as I am. I thought I knew about Yoga before because of a few experiences, but this training gave me a much deeper understanding of what Yoga actually is. Amy has a fun and inspiring way of teaching. For me it was an extraordinary experience, and after this course was complete I felt confident enough to bring Yoga to my community. If you have the opportunity to take Amy’s YTT class, I highly recommend it!  


Let’s make something beautiful together.

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